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Renovations and Remodeling

The term remodeling is often used to describe any kind of change to an existing house. Technically, a remodel is more accurately described as an update that changes the character of a house, or a part of a house. For example, converting a den into a master bedroom would be considered a remodeling of the den. Or if you were to combine a kitchen and dining room into one large eat-in kitchen, you would be remodeling the kitchen and dining room.

Renovating is a much more specific type of update. A renovation is a term that literally means to make new again. So, updating an out-of-date kitchen with new fixtures and finishes, or replacing old windows with new ones would be considered a renovation project.

Whether you are looking to remodel or renovate, the experts at Carlson’s Home Improvements can help you make your house look just how you would like.